Tips on How to Avoid Scams When Looking for Home Based Jobs

Home Based Jobs There is something about home based jobs that appeal to several people. You may either get an online job as an alternative career or to continue earning money even after you have reached retirement age. In most cases, people choose to get a work from home job because they like the flexibility of schedule that comes with it. Your office is more of a portable one since you can work wherever you feel like it, as long as you have your device, and there is a strong internet connection to let you sign in for work. What’s more, most jobs online are fairly easy when you have prior experience about those topics or job descriptions. The choice is endless when it comes to online jobs such as bookkeeping, writing and translation, virtual assistant and tutorials.

If you are in the market for an excellent home based job to explore, then you may want to consider these tips on how to avoid scams and find a notable job.

1. Never pay for anything just to get an online job.

There is an influx of work from home jobs available to any qualified individuals, and legitimate ones do not require any payment before you can start working. In fact, you can treat online jobs the way you view how things work when you are employed in a brick and mortar office. After all, how would you feel if the job interviewer required you to settle a fee before you could start working? Whether that fee is for your starter tools or merely a “good faith” type of payment to check your sincerity about the job, being asked by your potential employer to pay a certain fee is absurd. However, if you’re looking for a home based business, then this will require startup costs for your materials, investments and franchises, among other business tools. This does not apply when you look for an online job with a reliable employer since legitimate companies never charge their potential employees any fees for a job.

2. Make sure that the company has valid contact details.

Reliable online jobs have a physical address, valid email address and phone number that you can always contact when you have concerns about your work. You should also look for warning signs that are common with scammer companies such as the use of free web hosting services or post office boxes without any real addresses disclosed. These companies also keep their telephone number private, so this leaves you clueless about the best way to contact them for further inquiries or problems about your job.

3. Avoid job ads that direct you to another link, which is completely different from the details provided in the job posting.

It is common to find job ads online, and these may entice you to click on the link because of promising benefits and compensation. Unfortunately, there are job ads that are merely intended to point you to another website that is completely irrelevant. Hence, you may find yourself on another website or a job board that requests you to pay before you can subscribe. If this happens to you, then you might as well give up your hopes of getting that job indicated in the ad because you can be sure that it is only a scam.

4. Never give out your personal information during the application process.

You should be aware that the only valid time for employers to request for your personal information such as the social security number is when you are already hired on the job. Sensitive personal information is also necessary when there is a need to file your tax documents. Numerous scammers purchase fake job ads using credit card numbers that they have stolen from others, and they ask more job applicants to provide them with personal information to steal identities of unsuspecting individuals. Hence, make it a point not to disclose personal information via email and check first the reputation of the company before you entrust anyone with your account details.

5. Watch out for job ads that contain misleading information.

It is common to find a job ad that is full of attractive compensation details and benefits, which is meant to lure you into applying for it. Some business owners who require new employees for a terrible job decide to sugarcoat and change completely the job description, so they can get more people to apply for it. The sad thing, though, is that there is no way of walking away once you have already signed a job contract. With this in mind, you should check carefully and inquire directly from the owner what the actual job is. If you are not provided with a straightforward and honest answer, then you should keep looking for a better job that is worth your time and effort.

By applying these practical tips, you can increase your chances of avoiding scams and finding a dependable home based jobs online that pays well and gives you a chance to enhance your skills.

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How to Avoid Common Problems with Work from Home Jobs

Work From Home Jobs  What most people think about work from home jobs is the ease of working in their preferred areas at any time of the day or night. The whole idea of getting an online job may be enticing for some, particularly those who like to make their own schedules or lounge around in their PJs all day. After all, why else would you want to deal with heavy traffic on your way to work when you can just stay at home and make a living at the same time?

However, home based jobs can be challenging, too. Although these jobs offer a great deal of flexibility and convenience, you need to understand that it is a profession that must be treated seriously. You should adopt the same work practices even with an online job such as setting your own work schedule, having an office space, and avoiding distractions to help you focus more on your job. By doing so, you can keep your mind sharp and thrive on your online career.

The following are some practical tips that you may want to apply to overcome common issues with work from home jobs.

1. Maintain a designated work area.

There is no specific formula when it comes to establishing the right work space for you since it all depends on your personal style and preference. If you want to avoid distractions, though, make sure you stay away from common areas since you can expect frequent interruptions in these places. Bedrooms are also undesirable work areas because you may only be tempted to sleep instead of work. When choosing the best work area, it does not need to be a closed space or an actual office. The most important thing is the ambience of the place, which must be conducive to working. Select a quiet spot at home that you can call your own, and it should have all essential items that you need such as your computer, internet connection and other important devices.

2. Choose a suitable work schedule.

Are you more of a morning person, or do you find yourself to be more productive during late afternoons or night? Working from home gives you a chance to decide on your preferred schedule, which is beneficial for people who are not fond of the usual 8 to 5 office hours. Keep in mind that you need to stick to your chosen schedule no matter what happens since there are other things you need to do after your online job. As much as possible, you should avoid sleeping late, take some time to rest and eat right, and allot a schedule for your leisure activities. This way, you can still enjoy other things in life instead of working all day and night.

3. Stay disciplined.

After all those years of working in a regular company and dealing with a supervisor, one of the most challenging adjustments you need to make is being your own boss. Sure, it may be liberating to work and not have anyone bossing you around, yet your superiors keep you on track all the time. With an online job, everything is entirely your responsibility, and you should do your best to stay on the right track by maintaining discipline. You may do this by keeping a calendar or planner and choosing a suitable work method that suits you well since no one is going to breathe down your neck and check if you have completed your tasks.

4. Fight off the sadness.

For some people, they like the idea of working at home because it gives them a chance to be more independent, disciplined, and deal with people from several parts of the world. Unfortunately, this kind of job may be not as enticing for social butterflies who enjoy working side by side with their colleagues. In fact, online jobs are not for those who prefer constant guidance or are distracted easily. Working online is a big leap that may cause you to feel socially depressed at times, so you need to determine your skill set and personality before quitting your regular job. If you feel a sense of emptiness or sadness once in a while, take a break and just free yourself from the computer. You may walk around the garden, have a snack, or play with your pet for a few minutes before going back to work. You will be more productive and focus better when you are mentally and emotionally well.

When you work from home jobs, you need to draw the line between your personal and professional life. You may encounter challenges along the way, but by setting limits while you can, having an online job may prove to be an enriching experience.

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Boost Your Earning Potential with These Profitable Online Jobs

Online Jobs Tired of your daily commute to work? Ever dreamed of staying at home and earn at the same time? If you want to live a more laid-back kind of life where you can just report to work wearing your PJ’s or deal with clients while you enjoy a hearty breakfast in the yard, then online jobs are perfect for you. Finally, you can stay at the comfort of your own home and grow professionally, at the same time. Sounds interesting? Check out this list of work from home jobs that may be a perfect fit for you.

1. Virtual assistant

As broad as the term may imply, it is one of the most promising work from home jobs that you can ever find. In fact, you may either establish your own virtual assistant business or find employment in a company that needs individuals who can meet with their clients and employees. A growing number of small businesses and startups also prefer to hire virtual assistants rather than regular employees because they cannot justify the massive expenses of hiring a permanent employee. By working as a virtual assistant, you can earn as much as $15 to $100 an hour, depending on your qualifications.

2. Translator

Are you fluent with other languages? If so, then it’s time to put your skills into good use by getting a job as an online translator. Companies are in need of qualified individuals who can translate documents or audio files while taking into account cultural differences. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional interpreters and translators can expect an increase in employment opportunities by as much as 24 percent from 2006 to 2016. This career proves to be one of the fastest growing occupations in several parts of the world. As for the average hourly wage of translators, rates may range between $20 and $50. There are some industries that offer a higher compensation to translators, particularly those who are in the scientific, management and technical consulting fields.

3. Tutor

Those who have a degree in elementary or postsecondary education can explore the fascinating experience of teaching students virtually. Through distance education, teachers can now conduct their lessons via internet with the application of collaborative multimedia software that are intended for schools. You will be amazed that there are some teachers who work online and make six figures a year, although this still depends on the hours of work and type of classes you teach.

4. Travel Agent

It is not surprising that scams are common in the travel industry, just like with other online job ads you can find on the internet. However, you can save yourself from these scammers by operating your very own home-based travel agency as a source of income. The BLS reported that home-based travel agents have attained robust growth in their career over the last 8 to 10 years, and there are now more than 35,000 agents who work online – and the numbers continue to grow. Aside from the lucrative compensation that comes with this job, you will enjoy the experience of helping people plan how they will spend their leisure time.

5. Writer

If you have a passion for writing or editing, then you can get a job as an online editor, writer or proofreader for webmasters out there. In addition, you may want to explore the exciting world of blogging and earn at the same time. You can get paid by posting your blogs or opt for revenue-sharing programs. Blogging opportunities can earn you between $5 to over $20 per post, and the amount usually depends on your qualifications and number of words per article.

Watch Out for Scammers

While online jobs are convenient and practical means of making a living, you should realize that scams abound on the internet. So, make sure you watch out for signs that a job posting is legitimate and worthy of your time and effort. For instance, make sure that the employer runs an actual and established company. Check the job ad, and this should include the company name instead of a fake email address. You should also choose a job where there is an actual human resources department that can attend to your job-related concerns or inquiries.

The hiring process should include typical steps as with any job in the “real world” such as application and interview. Moreover, the employer should detail the job description and expectations that you must meet before you could get the job. Lastly, you can always search for reviews and ratings from previous employees, so you will be able to validate the legitimacy of the job.

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